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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the goal of Hi-5 sports?

Hi-5 is committed to creating an environment that is truly focused on educating and empowering youth through sports development while having fun. This youth program is more than competitive sports. It is about children learning the values of teamwork and friendship through the life lessons of sport and fun!

Q: What are the ages for Hi-5 Sports?

Eligible age and divisions will vary for each sport. Hi-5 offers coed sports for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 10. Qualifying age is determined by the child's age on the date of the first game of the season. Birth dates are required information when registering.

Q: How do I register for a program?

Step 1: Select the sport you wish to register for from the LEAGUES menu on the Hi-5 web site, and follow the instructions for online registration.

Step 2: Create a parent account or log in using existing account information.

Step 3: Complete child information page. Be sure to complete the boxes for child's birthdate (required) and if you wish to be a coach or volunteer.

IMPORTANT: Please read the waiver at the bottom of the child registration page and check the box acknowledging you have read and agreed with the waiver. 

Step 4: Register

Step 5: Confirmation. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have completed your registration and payment. Your child will be assigned to a team approximately one week before the start of the season. You will be notified via email of your child's assigned team and provided a link to its schedule of games and practices. We will also post all game and practice information on our website. Team assignments and schedules will be completed as soon as possible, but may not be available until a week (or less) prior to the start of the season.

Q: Do you offer early registration discounts?

Yes. We offer an early registration period that is listed on the registration page for each sport. The discount will be automatically applied if you register before the early registration cutoff date.

Q: Do you offer a multi-child discount?

Since our prices are already well-below other similar youth sports leagues, in that way, every child's registration is discounted.

Q: What other forms do I need to complete to register my child?

All registrations must be accompanied by an electronically signed Hi-5 waiver, which appears in a box on the child's registration page. The checkbox below the waiver MUST be checked for the registration to be completed. No child will be permitted to participate in any Hi-5 Sports activity prior to his/her parent or legal guardian agreeing to the liability.

Q: How do I find out what equipment Hi-5 will provide for my child and what equipment I must provide?

A description appears on the sport registration page on the Hi-5 web site.  It details what Hi-5 provides for each sport and what each participant must provide. 

Q: Are children new to a sport given equitable playing time with more experienced players?

Hi-5 is committed to creating an environment that is truly focused on educating and empowering youth through sports development while having fun. Each sport will have specific rules guaranteeing all players a minimum amount of playing time.

Q: Can I have my child's uniform numbered?

No. All jerseys are mass printed. We cannot accept requests for individual numbers and parents cannot have jerseys altered to have numbers put on after they are distributed.

Q: How are teams organized?

Teams are organized according to age and/or grade level, with as equal of number of boys and girls as possible. Specific requests for teams/coaches/teammates will be honored but not guaranteed. Requests can be made on the child's registration page.

Q: Can my child play on a team with friends of a different age?

We will allow a child to play on an older age team if he/she wants to play with friends with parental consent. We do not allow a child to play below their age group.

Q: Is everyone who registers guaranteed a spot on a team?

Everyone who registers has a guaranteed spot on a team until the maximum number of players for a given league is reached. After that, players will be placed on a waiting list and will be put on a team that has an opening. A full refund will be given if we are unable to place your child on a team after the third week of the season. 

Q: How long does a season last, and how many games are played per week?

The length of seasons varies depending on the sport. In general, most seasons will last between 7 and 9 weeks. There is only one practice and game scheduled each week.

Q: When do practices start?

Practice will start 20-40 minutes before a scheduled game. At the first practice, the coach will distribute jerseys and other Hi-5 equipment.

Q: What facilities are available at my child's games?

Facilities vary from site to site. As much as possible, Hi-5 will include information on site restrooms availability and seating on the main page for each sport. Parents are encouraged to bring their own chairs to all events, especially outdoor events.

Q: How do you assign coaches?

All Hi-5 Sports are coached by parents of participating players who volunteer to coach. In general, coaches will be assigned to coach their child's team, unless they request otherwise.

Q: Will coaches be allowed to have practices or other contact with players outside of regularly scheduled games?

All coach contact with Hi-5 players must take place with Hi-5 staff & supervisors present. There will be no practices or other contact (team meetings, after-game social events, etc.) with players away from the game location unless explicitly approved by Hi-5 management and parents in advance.

Q: How are your referees chosen?

Hi-5 officials are carefully chosen for their knowledge of sports, rules, professionalism, enthusiasm, compatibility, and willingness to work with children to ensure a fun-filled learning experience.

Q: How do I find out if a game is cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons?

Hi-5 will send an email to all participants (coaches, parents & players) as soon as a decision is made to cancel a scheduled game. Additionally, parents can opt into text message alerts. Generally, we try to have a decision made at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of a practice/game, but this is not always possible. Sometimes cancellations occur on shorter notice, or must be called at the field. We will also post an announcement on our Hi-5 office hotline (919-622-3073) as soon as a decision to cancel is made.

Q: How do I get additional information not listed here?

For any questions not covered here, please contact the Hi-5 Office at (919) 622-3073 or e-mail us at

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